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Exploring 3D Studio Max Topology Tools

Exploring 3D Studio Max Topology Tools

Exploring 3D Studio Max Topology Tools


Exploring 3D Studio Max Topology Tools : Have you ever had problems understanding the topology inside 3D Studio Max? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, Exploring 3D Studio Max Topology Tools, you’ll learn the basics of topology and how to work properly with it to accomplish your goals. First, you’ll explore the difference between topology in movies and video games. Next, you’ll discover the topology tools in the graphite modeling tools panel and create LOD’s for an already rigged character. Finally, you’ll create a vase using the splines inside 3D Studio Max as well as turn spline text into qualified geometry that can be modified and sculpted in other sculpting packages. When you’re finished with this 3D Studio Max 2017 course, you’ll not only have better understanding how topology works inside 3ds Max, but also how to work with rigged models and how to solve problems you can encounter while doing it. Software required: 3ds Max 2017.

1-Understanding the Different Types of Topology for Production  14m 0s
Introduction 5m 24s
Topology in Games 4m 31s
Topology in Movies and Commercials 4m 4s

2-Exploring 3D Studio Max’s Graphite Modeling Tools 1h 10m
Creating a Basic Primitive and Converting It to Editable Poly 2m 43s
Talking About the Difference Between Vertexies Edges Boarders and Polygons 3m 37s
Quick Look at the Concept Behind Using TurboSmooth on Our Meshes 5m 8s
Talking About the Importance of Additional Edges When Using TurboSmooth 3m 9s
Taking Deeper Look in to Edges and How to Turn Edges Inside 3D Studio Max 6m 12s
Toggling and Taking First Look at the Graphite Modelings Panel 3m 14s
Exploring the Quick Selection Tools and Soft Selection Tools 5m 19s
Applying Additional Edit Poly Modifiers and Quick Topology Generation 6m 26s
First Look at Modify Selection and Fast Way to Convert Them Between Vertexies and Edges 6m 4s
Exploring Back Face Selection, Modifier Repetition, and MeshSmooth Option in the Graphite Panel 6m 24s
Understanding What Constraints in 3ds Max Are and Talking About Smooth Groups 6m 43s
Deeper Look at the Align Feature and See How It Works 4m 7s
Creating Different Levels of Detail for Our Basic Sphere 4m 37s
Taking Deeper Look and Comparing the Tessellate Feature in the Graphite Panel as Well the One in the Modifier List 6m 40s

3-Exploring Graphite Freeform Tools 40m 52s
Exporting Our Alien Mesh from ZBrush to 3ds Max 5m 30s
Preparing Our Alien Head for Retopology 3m 29s
Setting up the Symmetry on Our New Mesh 4m 44s
Learning the Basic Functions of Extend Function 5m 28s
Understanding the Difference Between Conform and Shift 5m 20s
Exploring How to Use Shapes in Our Workflow 5m 19s
Learning to Use Offset Surface and Push/pull 3m 49s
Learning to Use Brunches, and How to Use Pinch/spread 7m 9s

4-Creating LODs on a Rigged Model 17m 34s
Preparing Our Rigged Alien Mesh to Create LODs 3m 39s
Adding Our First LOD 6m 18s
Adding Our Second LOD 3m 11s
Checking Our LODs in Motion 4m 24s

5-Working with Splines 38m 53s
Creating a Shape Using Splines 4m 7s
Creating a Basic Vase Using Splines 4m 26s
Optimizing and Adding Shell to Our Vase 3m 18s
Adding Handles to Our Vase Using Splines 5m 55s
Adding Supporting Loops to Our Vase to Tighten up the Shapes 6m 24s
Breaking the Silhouette of Our Vase Using Shift 3m 57s
xForming and Using FFD Modifier on Our Vase 5m 20s
Qualifying Our Basic Text and Turning It into Geometry 5m 22s

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