Learn how to buy Cryptocurrency and pay for vip subscription

Buying Cryptocurrency is very simple and you are completely anonymous. Do the following steps in order, these steps are only necessary once

note that our site supports all Cryptocurrency wallets.

1.Go to binance site in this link and register :  link

2.In this link, buy the required amount of Crypto with different types of credit cards or bank accounts :  link


3.Install the application for your operating system : Android   ios

4.Go to the payment page on site and click on Place order , and scan the QR code with the application Or click on “open in wallet” to open the wallet automatically :   link

pay with mobile in CGArchives.com


pay with pc ، mac in CGArchives.com



5.Do not close the page after payment and wait for the payments complete message to be displayed


It is not possible to pay with PayPal

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