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RedefineFX – Phoenix FD Fire FX Course

RedefineFX - Phoenix FD Fire FX CoursePhoenix FD Fire FX Course


Phoenix FD Fire FX Course : And walk away with complete confidence to create just about any fire effect imaginable .

Look at the sheer AMOUNT of examples and lessons in this course. I have left no stone unturned in the pursuit to make this the only course on this topic you’ll ever need to take. Just a few lessons in, you’ll feel comfortable in setting up a variety of fire effects, and your mind will be full of ideas for cool shots you can now create with these new skills.

By Taking This Course You Will:

  • Gain complete understanding of every Phoenix FD fire & smoke simulation parameter
  • Learn from a Phoenix FD Certified Trainer
  • Master the software used on shows such as Game of Thrones
  • Understand the difference between temperature-based and fuel-based burning
  • Emit smoke from your tyFlow Destruction Setups
  • Control the look, movement, and scale through massive vorticity and other settings
  • Setup variety of effects from small scale to mid-scale to massive
  • Use particles to drive smoke and fire emission
  • Combine liquid and fire simulations together for unique visuals (pouring gasoline on fire)
  • Create a realistic fire shader using the Volumetric Rendering Settings
  • Use the Voxel Tuner to only emit smoke based on certain conditions
  • Use helpers such as Wind, Plain force, Turbulence, Body Force, Vortex force and others to influence the simulation
  • Use textures for gradual burning effects
  • Use the Vray Distance Texture to emit smoke based on proximity to other objects
  • Use Vertex Paint for selective burning effects
  • Learn through 40 exciting project-based lessons

COURSE CURRICULUM (Equivalent to 40 High-Quality Tutorials)

  • Phoenix FD Fire FX Course by RedefineFX
  • Hello & Introduction to The Fire Course
  • Introduction to Phoenix FD for Absolute Beginners
  • How to Use the (Actually Really Good) Presets
  • Fire Source Settings / Outgoing Velocity / Smoke / Temperature / Motion Velocity
  • Dynamics Settings / Time Scale / Cooling / Buoyancy / Dissipation / Vorticity / Conservation / SPF
  • Dry Ice / Statue Heavy Smoke / Plain Force / Walking Character Emitting Smoke
  • Multicolor Smoke Path Follow / RGB Mixing
  • Morphing Objects Out of Smoke / Body Force and Turbulence Helpers
  • Large Smoke Shockwave / Particle Flow Emission / Motion Velocity
  • Powder Color Explosion
  • Nuclear Shockwave
  • Clouds
  • Starship Smoke Wave
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Drift Burnout
  • Tank Firing + Ground Dust Shockwave
  • Realistic Small Scale Fire – Skull on Fire Ghost Rider Style
  • Selective Burning
  • Explosions!
  • Rendering Optimization for Explosions and Smoke
  • Compositing Fire and Smoke
  • Wavelet Turbulence
  • Advanced RGB Dirt Explosion using Particles
  • Fire Tornado
  • Fire Shockwave
  • Missile Trail
  • Large Scale Volcano Smoke
  • Flamethrower
  • Car Burning
  • Liquid on Fire
  • Osprey Engine Fire
  • tyFlow Destruction Building Collapse + Phoenix Smoke
  • Color by Speed
  • Frozen Smoke
  • Smoke Color based on Image
  • Render Smoke as Mesh (Underwater Oxygen FX)
  • Voxel Tuner / e.g. Increase Temperature if a Condition is Met
  • Retiming / Slow Down Your Sims for Bullet-time Effects
  • Distance Texture / Burn Objects Based on Proximity to Other Objects
  • Wetmap / Burn Objects Based on Where Liquid Touches Them
  • Animated Procedural Burning Path
  • Thank You & What’s Next?

CV-22 Osprey High-Poly 3D Model Included

I modeled this myself a few years ago as a passion project and to get better at modeling at the time. It’s a very nice model that I’ve used in tons of projects. I’m giving it away with this course.

Pictures of this course :



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