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mesh insert v1.14 for 3ds max

support 3ds Max 2013 to 2020

mesh insert for 3ds maxmesh insert for 3ds max


mesh insert for 3ds max : Mesh Insert is a new 3dsmax plugin inspired from Polystein for Modo.

It speeds up your modeling process by replacing face selections by an asset from your library.

Great for hard mesh and organic modeling too!

Features :

bug correction in 1.14 :

  • Deleted faces when using the transform options like rotate, move or scale, now fixed.

new features in 1.13 :

  • Position, Rotation, and Scale spinners values remain, each new imported asset will take these values in account.
  • You will then be able to adjust and reset the transform values much easier.
  • You can type in the transform spinners, the value updates when you press Enter.
  • New Scale Fit option :
  • When enabled, the asset is scales/stretched to fit the selection size/borders.
  • if you disable it, the asset scale is only controlled by the Scale spinners, it doesn’t depend on the selection area…etc. So when you add an asset, it will keep the same size as the previously inserted one. That’s very usefull to add rivets for example.
  • A new rotate button to rotate counterclockwise.
  • The per face option is now a checkbutton.

bug correction in 1.10 :

  • Bitarray error caused by some proxy objects stayed in the scene after some errors, now fixed.

bug correction in 1.09 :

  • now the floating asset is correctly updated when you transform it after creation, no new asset is added.

new features in 1.08 :

  • Unlimited asset transform adjustment after insert, pos/rotate/scale, mirror, rotate increment…etc
    Clear Undo Stack option.
  • 3 library filtering rules, filter by name, face selection(real-time) and folder.
  • UI Changes.
  • Help file update.
  • More bug fixes.

features from previous versions :

  • Insert floating Assets and blend Assets with an open border.
  • 2 different blending modes :
  • the “Same Borders” which needs assets with the same borders topology as your face selection,
  • and the “Free Borders” to replace any selected faces per any asset with no topology restriction.
    Height adaptation.
  • Curvature deforms (deform your asset on the surface of the mesh).
  • Insert per Face or per selection cluster (insert the asset on each selected face or each face cluster with size adjustment).
  • Auto Asset Alignment on face selections.
  • Smoothing groups Blend.
  • Keep UV’s and materials (Smart Material Blending).
  • Keep a perfect edge flow.
  • Relax button to relax the selected faces (useful after inserting an asset in “Free border” mode).
  • Modifiers on top allowed (like quad chamfer or turbosmooth).
  • Multiples undo and redo. Limit to 20.
  • PanelLines Tool : Panel lines creation from edge and face selection.

  • Full Help file.Visual Library.
  • Resizable UI and icons.
  • Selected Faces statistics.
  • Right click on each folder to open an explorer and browse your library.
  • Main Path and quick sub-folders access.
  • Customizable folder structure.
  • Create & share your own Assets library.
  • Batch Assets export.
  • Quick asset publishing.
  • Library version converter (to batch convert your assets in previous 3dsmax files)

Watch the Introduction Video:


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    1. Did you download again?
      I tested version 1.14. Full activation does not require a license

    2. Hi David. Firstly, I use 3ds max 2107 and where is the destination folder. It cames C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018 as default then i changed 2017 but it’s not allowed. Please help me sir

    3. 1. Run 3dmax as Administrator, run installation MeshInsert_setup_114.exe and MeshInsert_Lic_Gen.mse
      2. The LIC license file is generated in the root directory of Max and dragged into the scripts folder.

  1. Yes, it was there, i asked, it says which 3ds max version do you use and it comes 2018 as default then i changed 2017 but it says chose another root file. its not allowing which i choose root file.

    1. Disconnect the Internet
      Run the MeshInsert_setup.exe file with Run as Admin
      Run the 3D Max software with Run as Admin
      From the Maxscript> Run Script menu, select the MeshInsert_Lic_Gen.mse file in the download folder.
      The MeshInsert_12.lic file is generated automatically, both on the 3D Max installation path and on the track below.
      C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20xx\scripts
      Close the 3D Max software and run it again
      In 3D Max, go to Customize> Customize User Interface> Toolbars> Category and create a new toolbar for Mesh Insert.

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