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Character Animation: Basics

Character Animation: Basics

Character Animation: Basics


Character Animation: Basics : The fundamentals of great character animation are rooted in posing your model in a way that reads true, animating from pose to pose to mimic natural movement, and simulating convincing dialogue. Start here to learn the skills all beginning animators need to know to bring their characters to life, regardless of software or style. Author and animator George Maestri first teaches you how to position your model and create realistic poses that tell stories and consider balance and weight. Next, you’ll take those poses and animate between them in what’s called pose-to-pose animation. Then you’ll get your character moving in a basic walk cycle, add expression to the face, and incorporate dialogue. Finally, you’ll learn how to tie all the fundamentals together in a scene complete with pose-to-pose animation and dialogue.

Topics include:

  • Telling stories through posing
  • Creating a strong line of action in poses
  • Animating seating to standing poses
  • Adding anticipation and follow-through
  • Making your character walk
  • Animating the head and face
  • Animating basic phonemes
  • Animating a scene

1. Posing Characters

  • Telling stories through posing    3m 29s
  • Balance and symmetry in poses    8m 15s
  • Creating strong lines of action in poses    6m 44s
  • Silhouetting and flow    5m 27s
  • Sequencing poses    4m 55s

2. Creating Pose-to-Pose Animation

  • Timing the blocking pass    3m 34s
  • Shifting weight and arcs    6m 29s
  • Adding anticipation and follow-through    8m 37s
  • Animating a character from seated to standing: Creating the main poses    4m 30s
  • Animating a character from seated to standing: Adding secondary motion    9m 15s

3. Basics of Walks

  • Basics of a two-legged walk    1m 48s
  • Basic leg placement    4m 51s
  • Adding lower body poses    5m 4s
  • Adding in upper body motion    4m 33s
  • Arms and hands    7m 14s
  • Animating the head    3m 36s

4. Facial Animation

  • Animating blinks    5m 35s
  • Head turns and head motion    7m 17s
  • Basics of facial expression    5m 21s
  • Animating changes of expression    7m 41s

5. Basics of Dialogue

  • Understanding phonemes    3m 41s
  • Animating vowel phonemes: A, E, and I    7m 38s
  • Animating vowel phonemes: O, U, and Y    7m 27s
  • Animating consonant phonemes: B, T, and S    7m 43s
  • Animating consonant phonemes: M, F, and L    6m 2s
  • Animating dialogue: Lip sync    5m 58s
  • Animating dialogue: Body motion    4m 4s

6. Animating a Scene

  • Blocking out main poses    3m 26s
  • Timing poses and adding holds    3m 54s
  • Animating weight and balance    7m 25s
  • Adding secondary motion    8m 46s
  • Animating dialogue    5m 49s
  • Finalizing the scene    8m 54s

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