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Introduction to Houdini Pyro

Introduction to Houdini Pyro

Introduction to Houdini Pyro


Introduction to Houdini Pyro : Whether it’s flame-breathing dragons or a simple campfire, digital fire effects are some of the most important elements in film and television, and a key skill for many VFX artists. In this course, Introduction to Houdini Pyro, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of Houdini’s powerful Pyro Solver to create multiple fire-based effects. First, you’ll learn the shelf tools to get an initial simulation started and examine the individual parts that make up a Pyro simulation. Next, you’ll learn how to use these building blocks to create your own campfire effect, adding additional complexity to the simulation as you explore different sourcing solutions and ways to modify the various fields that are part of the solver. Then, you’ll adapt what you have learned to create a more complicated Fire Breath effect, further exploring new sourcing methods and capabilities of the Pyro Solver. Finally, you’ll explore how to export your data and use the Pyro Shader to create photo-realistic Mantra renders of your fire. By the end of the course, you’ll have a better understanding of the tools necessary to light anything imaginable on fire…digitally, of course. Software required: Houdini 15.

Contents :

  • 1 Course Overview        01:22
  • 2 Creating a Pyro Simulation in Less Than 60 Seconds        04:42
  • 3 Exploring the Fluid Source Node        06:44
  • 4 Overview of the Pyro Simulation         09:25
  • 5 Exporting and Rendering Pyro Data         07:45
  • 6 The Campfire Scene and Geometry Prep         12:47
  • 7 Setting up the Pyro Simulation         07:19
  • 8 Creating Additional Sources and Collisions         12:00
  • 9 Improving the Look of the Fire         13:08
  • 10 Exporting the Fire         05:39
  • 11 Adding Embers         10:52
  • 12 The Snake Fire Scene and Geometry Prep         05:05
  • 13 Isolating Emitter Geometry and Calculating Velocity         06:40
  • 14 Simulating a Particle Based Emitter         09:51
  • 15 Creating a Source Fluid From the Particle Simulation         09:02
  • 16 Making Collision Objects and Sim Bounds         07:41
  • 17 Setting up the Fire Breath Pyro Sim         09:28
  • 18 Improving Fire Look with Fuel Advection and Shaping         06:32
  • 19 Modifying Source and Additional Pyro Shaping         06:47
  • 20 Further Source Tweaks and Making New Colliders         09:03
  • 21 Using Additional Fields to Add Complexity to Colliders         07:12
  • 22 Exporting the Fire Breath Sim and Adding Embers         12:32
  • 23 Setting up Lights for the Campfire Scene         05:26
  • 24 Applying and Tweaking a Pyro Material for the Campfire         04:21
  • 25 Creating a Meshlight for the Campfire         07:07
  • 26 Setting up a Mantra Node and Rendering the Campfire         09:30
  • 27 Setting up Lights for the Snake Fire Scene         11:39
  • 28 Applying and Tweaking a Pyro Material for the Snake Fire         07:48
  • 29 Creating a Meshlight and Creating Render Passes for the Snake Fire         13:38
  • 30 Compositing the Final Snake Fire Render         15:06

Watch the Introduction Video :


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