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Gumroad – Particle in Houdini (Russian) By bereg

Gumroad - Частицы в Гудини

Gumroad – Particle in Houdini (Russian) By beregParticle in Houdini


Particle in Houdini (Russian) By bereg is an original author’s course on the particle system in Russian. The course is intended for motion designers and anyone who wants not just to repeat other people’s lessons, but to deeply understand the logic of particle behavior.

Authors: Stanislav Demchenko and Dmitry Kripakov (Houdini in Russian).

Course composition:

More than five hours of theory and more than to hours of practical training. Only 7 and a half hours of video.

Text documents: translation of help topics about attributes in the particle and stream system, cheat sheet on operations with vectors, expression recipes for Vexpression.

Course table of contents:

  • Introduction, analysis of the settings of the DOP Network node.
  • Attributes in the particle system: id, age, life, v, force, targetv, airresist, mass.
  • Particle creation. Detailed analysis of the POP Source and POP Replicate nodes.
  • Death of particles. Working with the dead attribute.
  • Working with vexpression. Examples of expressions for particle control.
  • Streams. A detailed breakdown of the particle streaming concept.
  • Rotation of particles. Parsing the attributes of angular movement: orient, w, torque, targetw, spinresist.
  • Collisions. How particles can interact with other objects.
  • POP VOP. Particle system control using visual programming.
  • Trails. Three ways to draw particle trajectories.
  • Overview of POP nodes. Let’s analyze the purpose of all the nodes for controlling particles.
  • Advect by volumes. Parsing the POP Advect by volumes.
  • POP Steer nodes. An overview of crowd control nodes and how they can be used in a conventional particle system.
  • Particles in RBD simulations. How particles interact with each other and other objects.
  • Render in Redshift3d. Understanding the nuances of particle rendering, including tricks for rendering the correct motion blur.
  • Practice: a scene of a UFO chase. We will consider a complex scene, in which the complex logic of behavior of objects in the scene will be programmed using streams.
  • Practice: dancing particles. A trending effect where particles float on the surface of an animated object.
  • Practice: custom Curve Force. A useful asset for following particles along a fine-tuned curve.
  • Practice: procedural fern. With the help of streams, we will grow a complex object with many branches.
  • Practice: magic smoke. A trail of particles that remains behind the animated geometry.
  • To complete the course, you need to know the Houdini interface, the basics of working in the SOP context and the vex builder (VOP).

Watch the Introduction Video :


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