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From Sketch to 3D Print – Collectible Sculpting in ZBrush for 3D Printing

From Sketch to 3D Print – Collectible Sculpting in ZBrush for 3D PrintingFrom Sketch to 3D Print


From Sketch to 3D Print – Collectible Sculpting in ZBrush for 3D Printing : There is something deeply satisfying about holding a sculpture you created in your own hands…

If you have ever wanted to learn how to create sculptures in ZBrush for 3D Printing, but don’t know where to start, this course is for you!

Starting from the concept sketch, I walk you through a typical figurine project , from concept art to 3D printed test prototype. This is the course I wish I had 3 years ago when I started to teach myself how to do this, scouring the deep recesses of the internet to find tutorials on things like parts-fit, keying, sculpting to scale, part tolerance, and more!

This is a very beginner friendly course. We cover a number of cross-discipline techniques, that, even if you are fairly new to ZBrush, you should be able to follow along. That said, this should probably not be your first time opening the program. 🙂

I know how hard it is to learn things on your own. As a 100% self-taught, online learning junkie, I made it a point to explain everything I am doing — not just the what, but the WHY — at least once so you can make your own decisions with your own artwork.

This is a HUGE volume of nearly 40 patiently edited videos, all broken down by subject matter so you can skip around to what you need help with most.

Here’s a glimpse at just a few things that we cover in this course:

SECTION 1: Sculpting with 3D Printing in mind

Starting with solid foundations that make things much easier when you go to print. Plus some general tips and tricks to working quickly in ZBrush.

  • Being your own concept artist – sketching for idea generation
  • Setting up your workspace for fast access to commonly used buttons/brushes
  • Anatomy Blocking and proportions overview
  • Dynamesh vs. ZRemesher vs. Subdivsions – when to use what to achieve the results you need
  • Polygrouping for fast and effective “retopology” and clean edge flows for great results
  • Speedy Remesh/Projection workflows
  • A cool trick to creating Insert Multi Mesh Brushes with High details that won’t blow up your computer!
  • Testing your sculpture for weight and balance — without a 3D printer!
  • How to sculpt hair that actually prints
  • Getting a ton of mileage out of default brushes – 90% of the sculpture is created with 3 standard brush types!

SECTION 2: Breaking down a Figure for 3D Printing – Garage Kit Style

I spill all my secrets around effective parts breakdown, and lay it out in a way that makes it easy to apply to your own work. It’s tricky business, and you need to be ready to puzzle-solve, but it’s very doable!

  • Splitting parts and cleaning up overlapping subtools
  • Learning about keying and tolerance gaps
  • Leveraging Panel loops, Folders, and Boolean operations to cleanly split parts in a non-destructive way
  • How to stay organized when you have a ton of subtools to work with!
  • Preparing your file to print using ScaleMaster & 3D Print Hub
  • Checking minimum thicknesses with helper tools
  • Exporting files to scale
  • Demonstrating a test print using Preform and a Form3 printer


You should have:

  • A graphic tablet such as a Wacom
  • A basic confidence level in human anatomy and proportions, either in 2D or 3D
  • Have a familiarity with ZBrush and 3D Sculpting in general. If you go through the “Helmet Design” intro course on Pixologic’s ZClassroom, you will be more than OK with what is covered in this course.

Instruction is on a PC, in English. Hotkeys I mention in the video should be interpreted on a Mac accordingly (Ctrl/Cmd, etc).

Watch the Introduction Video :


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