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Particle Dynamic Magic 2: Decal, Spline, AI Particles & dynamics v2.5.3

Asset Store - Particle Dynamic Magic 2 Decal, Spline, AI Particles & dynamicsParticle Dynamic Magic 2


Particle Dynamic Magic 2 is a dynamic decal, particle and spline creation & manipulation framework that allows creative, performant and unique control of particles & gameobjects in Unity.

The new Particle Dynamic Magic 2 version offers ultimate performance with Multithreading, Single pool distribution methods and custom Static/Dynamic batching.

Particle Dynamic Magic can process and create particles from Splines, images, meshes (static, moving skinned/animated, procedural), painted, propagated, projected and Shuriken positions.

Manipulators can interact with particles, alter their behavior by adding various types of forces (Gravity, Turbulence, Vortexes, Repel-Attract) and change their properties (e.g. color, size)

Splines are fully supported in play mode and can be setup for physics based effects (emulating tentacles, hair, rubber) and manipulation by the user directly in the game.

All features can be previewed in the editor and work together for combination effects. The Spline editor allows direct spline creation, editing and manipulation in both editor and play modes.

Prefabs for the effects are provided, together with 3 demo mini games that showcase the effects and provide an additional artistic value to the pack.


  • Global forces, Gravity, Planar Gravity, Swirl and spin effects, Attract and Repel
  • Turbulence with dynamic vortex creation (multithreaded)
  • Spline particles with spline editor and dynamic play mode manipulation of splines
  • Skinned animated / procedural / simple mesh and image based emission.
  • Projection based emission and surface normal conformation for gameobjects.
  • Gameobject scattering and emission (all particle effects apply)
  • Particle painting & propagation (e.g. set on fire and catch fire effects)
  • Terrain conformation for auras and grass/flower fields
  • Dynamic lightning with auto targeting
  • Masked mesh emission with normal conformation
  • Transition manager for particle motion & changing among emitters
  • Music module to make particles dance to the rhythm
  • Advanced propagation and collision effects, particle to particle collisions, spray system
  • Dynamic elements (fire melt ice, ice freeze objects)
  • Dynamic water (with Refractive effects in Unity Pro)
  • Cartoon and missiles pack included
  • Effects optimized for mobile, all platforms supported
  • Prefab Manager with over 200 ready to use effects
  • NEW – Static & Dynamic Batching for gameobject particles
  • Editor preview and multiple demos & prefabs for all effects

Watch the Introduction Video :


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