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Asset Store – Inventory Plus – Customizable Inventory System

Asset Store – Inventory Plus – Customizable Inventory System

Inventory Plus – Customizable Inventory System


Inventory Plus – Customizable Inventory System : InventoryPlus is an intuitive and powerful tool that simplifies the creation of custom inventories, chests and pickups. The asset is designed primarely for mouse and keyboard but supports gamepads as well. InventoryPlus takes care for you of all the inventory operations you can think of (like use, equip, sort, drop etc…)

It works on 3D, 2.5D and 2D games by tweaking the collider type of TriggerAreas, PickUp and Chests

How do I use it?

Simple: install the package, drag the inventory prefab in your scene and tweak the InventoryPlus component to fit your need, there are no additional packages required! The package accommodates the user who wants a simple plug and play solution and also developers who want to add their own modifications on top of the existing code.

The resolution used for the UI in the sample scene is 16:9.

What’s included?

The package contains:

Item Type Scriptable Objects
Inventory prefab + script
Chest prefab + script
Player controller with an animated sprite
PickUp prefab with an animated sprite
AreaTrigger prefab with an animated sprite
Multiple inventory UI slots
Prefab folder with all the “core” components
2 sample scenes that guide you and allow you to experiment with the asset

The package main features are:

Togglable inventory with a customizable hotbar
Enables you to create new Item Types using Scripable Objects
Allows you to create a custom visual for your inventory
Stores both stackable and non-stackable items in the inventory and chests
Displays durability of items with a progression bar and/or value (customizable)
Changes the visual of items based on their durability
Allows you to dedicate specific inventory slots to specific items categories
Use items when the inventory is openend and/or closed (customizable)
Drop items when the inventory is openend and/or closed (customizable)
Equip items when the inventory is openend and/or closed (customizable)
Sort items when the inventory is openend and/or closed (customizable)
Swap items when the inventory is openend and/or closed (customizable). The operation can also be performed also with the mouse if the option is enabled
Contains an InputReader to trigger inventory events
Allows you to pickup items when dropped from the inventory
Allows you to perform operation on inventory items based on their category or ID
Top-down character controller
Allows you to interact with chests
Allows you to save the player inventory when moving through scenes
Allows you to save pickups and chest so that they can be loaded when the scene is launched again


Does the Inventory Tool support multiplayer games? Absolutely! InventoryPlus is designed to work flawlessly with both single-player and multiplayer games in Unity.
Do I need to be a coder? No, the asset allows you to simply edit the inventory to your need (check the documentation below to know the details). If you want to add new features a intermediate level of programming is required and of course I’m always available to assist you via email.
Does the Inventory Tool support item stacking and sorting? Yes, InventoryPlus offers robust support for item stacking and sorting, making it easy to manage and organize large quantities of items within the inventory system.
Is the Inventory Tool compatible with mobile platforms? Of course, the asset is designed to be compatible with mobile platforms in Unity, allowing you to create custom inventories for your mobile games with ease.

Technical details
InventoryPlus uses UI navigation and the Old Input System, that is used just to trigger inventory events (for example: press N -> swap, press M -> sort etc..). If needed it can be very easily converted to the New Input System
InventoryPlus uses TextMeshPro to render its texts but the package is not mandatory, the asset can be used with the native Unity Text

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