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Videohive – Biggest Solar System Kit On The Internet V.7

Videohive – Biggest Solar System Kit On The InternetBiggest Solar System Kit On The Internet


Biggest Solar System Kit On The Internet : As the title suggests, This project has the biggest collection of Planets on the internet ( I think ). The project comes with many forms of planets, Stars & Galaxy, a list of those is given below. It includes the planets of solar system, most of the moons of the solar system planets, Dwarf planets of the solar system, Exo Planets of our Universe, Planets of the marvel cinematic universe (MCU), star wars movie planets, Star trek movie planets, Green Lantern, Alien, Superman, Promethues, Solaris, Power Ranger, Transformers, Valerien, Stars of our universe & 17 Galaxy in our universe.

Use this project for your science fiction or space projects or maybe documentry for national geographic channel & discovery channel. Maybe use this for NASA projects or space X projects. What ever you choose, this will be helpful for your space projects.

They all come within a single project file. You will be able to choose from each folder and each planet. There are furthur 6 title sequnce of each category of the planets and five types of title animations & Styles.

And guess what, the update is already in the works which will inlcude more planets from movies and more scenes for your convience. Moons, galaxies & Stars have already been added.

It will be just a one time purchase and you will get life time updates. Slowly but surely the project will expand to the universe level and include galaxy, milkyway, nebula, stars and all the stuff like that in the future updates.

The project will only require after effects CS6 & Above & a free plugin Videocopilot ORB & a compatible graphic card that can work with the free plugin. For the galaxies,Trapcode Particular 2.6 is required.

Version. 7 ( Mega Update )

8 New Galaxies Added ( Andromeda Galaxy, Gliese 581, Anemic Spiral NGC 4921, M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy, NGC 3344, NGC 3310: A Starburst Spiral Galaxy, Hoag’s Object: A Nearly Perfect Ring Galaxy, NGC 7049 ) Trapcode Particular 2.6 Required for this

27 New Earth Scenes Added ( With Northern Lights and Continent Scenes With Day & Night View from Space )

8 New Solar System Moons Added ( Enceladus, Charon, Tethys, Dione, Dysnomia, Methone, Ariel, Mimas )

3 New Exo-Planets Added (Kepler 51b, Kepler 51c, Kepler 51d)

Version. 6 : 9 Real Galaxies Added ( Antenna Galaxy, IC 342 The Hidden Galaxy, M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy, M64 The Sleeping Beauty Galaxy, Messier 96, NGC 3368, NGC 2841, NGC 3521, NGC 7714 & NGC 2623 (aka 243) ). Trapcode Particular 2.6 Required for this

Version. 5 : 12 Stars of our Universe Added ( Rigil Kentaurus, Betelgeuse, UY Scuti, Archenar, Regulus, Thorne-Zytkow, Brown Dwarf Star, Arcturus, Canopus, Pistol Star, Sirius, Vega ) & 1 Marvel Movie Planet Added from Captain Marvel Film ( Hala )

Version. 4 : 6 Exo Planets Added ( Gliese 667Cc,Koi 3010.01,Kepler 422b,Kepler 62e,Kepler 438b,Kepler 452b )

Version. 3 : 4 New Marvel Cinematic Universe Planets Added ( Torfa, Sakaar, Titan, New Titan )

Version. 2 : 5 Different Text Animation Styles Inlcuded

Watch the Introduction Video :


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