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Unreal Engine – Voyager: Third Person Shooter Template v5.3

Unreal Engine - Voyager: Third Person Shooter Template

Voyager: Third Person Shooter Template


Voyager: Third Person Shooter Template : All assets you see in videos and screenshots are included in the project file! Please play the demo to see all awesome features in action!

Voyager is a Third-Person Shooter Template where you can use well-designed components to develop your games more easily. Making your dream game is just one step away!


  • %100 Blueprint and well commented
  • Educational blueprint design with a lot of examples
  • Component-based design. You can use in-game components to any games you want.
  • Event-driven system to optimize logic. No need to make heavy casting operations between blueprints.
  • Gamepad Support Including Both Gameplay and User Interface
  • Partitioned Save/Load System
  • Different enemy types: Trooper, Sniper, Boomer, Heavy Gunner
  • Melee system and melee enemies like gruntling, spiderling and spider boss!
  • Different weapons like Shotgun, Pistol, AssaultRifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle, Electric Gun and Flame thrower
  • Vending Machine for the player to purchase weapons with in-game currency.
  • Actor flashing when taking damage with DamageFlashComp
  • DissolveComp to Material based dissolve in Characters
  • Improved damage text to show damage on actors.
  • Outline material to draw outlines around meshes like loots and character
  • Enemy AI with behaviour trees.
  • Loot component to spawn user-defined specific or random loots
  • Tagging system to define battle groups between NPCs.
  • Dynamic Hp Bar component to show hp with a lazy hp bar. Add to any actor to have a health bar in just a few clicks.
  • Multi-message feature to show multiple in-game messages efficiently.
  • Player Screen with four tabs: Character, Weapons, Armor, Abilities
  • Stat System with StatsComp
  • Primary and Secondary Weapon Slots
  • Wearable Items (Armor)
  • 7 wearable armors each to ArmorTorso, ArmorHead, and ArmorLegs
  • Stats like XP, XP Bonus, Critical Hit Chance, Armor
  • InteractorComp to interact with various objects like chest, vending machine, NPCs
  • Footsteps with surface support
  • HitReactionComp to show reaction animation when the owner takes damage.
  • Ability System and abilities like Dash, Energy Barrier, Turret Companion, Healing Probe, Slam
  • EnergyComp to store and refill owner’s energy for using abilities.
  • BloodSpillComp which has blood spilling logic when the owner is damaged.
  • Warrior type enemies (Human with melee weapons)
  • Companions like turrets and soldiers.
  • Weapon Upgrade System
  • Weapon Crosshair variety

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