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Texturing Low Polygon Game Characters in Photoshop

Texturing Low Polygon Game Characters in Photoshop

Texturing Low Polygon Game Characters


Texturing Low Polygon Game Characters : In this series of tutorials, we cover the fundamentals of texturing characters in Photoshop. We will start off by setting up our Photoshop document in a way that will be optimal for texture painting. Then we’ll start laying down our base colors, highlights, and shadows. Once we’re happy with our color selection, we’ll continually refine the textures until we’re happy with the result. Software required: 3ds Max 2012, Photoshop CS4.

Contents :

  • Lesson 1 Introduction and project overview
  • Lesson 2 Unwrapping the head
  • Lesson 3 Unwrapping the torso
  • Lesson 4 Unwrapping the arms and legs
  • Lesson 5 Unwrapping the hands
  • Lesson 6 Unwrapping the final pieces of the body
  • Lesson 7 Unwrapping the shoulder armor and chest plate
  • Lesson 8 Unwrapping the gloves and the helmet
  • Lesson 9 Unwrapping the belt
  • Lesson 10 Unwrapping the knee and hip guards
  • Lesson 11 Unwrapping the axe
  • Lesson 12 Consolidating our UV clusters
  • Lesson 13 Setting up our UV’s in Photoshop
  • Lesson 14 Sketching the features of the face and torso
  • Lesson 15 Sketching the features of the arms and legs
  • Lesson 16 Applying the sketch texture to the model
  • Lesson 17 Blocking in the highlights of the body
  • Lesson 18 Blocking in the shadows of the face
  • Lesson 19 Refining the face
  • Lesson 20 Adding warmth to the face
  • Lesson 21 Adding stubble to the face
  • Lesson 22 Finalizing the face
  • Lesson 23 Adjusting skin tone
  • Lesson 24 Blocking the shadows of the torso
  • Lesson 25 Refining the chest texture
  • Lesson 26 Blending the back texture
  • Lesson 27 Adding warmth to the torso
  • Lesson 28 Blocking in the texture of the arms
  • Lesson 29 Refining the texture of the arms
  • Lesson 30 Adding warmth to the arms
  • Lesson 31 Blocking and refining the leg texture
  • Lesson 32 Finishing the leg texture
  • Lesson 33 Blocking in the colors of the hand
  • Lesson 34 Finishing the texture of the hand
  • Lesson 35 Identifying possible issues while texturing
  • Lesson 36 Texturing the foot
  • Lesson 37 Texturing the undergarment
  • Lesson 38 Creating the texture for the ear
  • Lesson 39 Texturing the eye
  • Lesson 40 Creating the asymmetrical elements of the face
  • Lesson 41 Fixing seams
  • Lesson 42 Retrieving our texture from our 3D file
  • Lesson 43 Creating the texture for the chest plate
  • Lesson 44 Painting the design of the chest plate
  • Lesson 45 Creating the texture of the helmet
  • Lesson 46 Creating the values for the knee pads
  • Lesson 47 Creating the leather for the shoulder armor
  • Lesson 48 Finishing the first set of armor texture
  • Lesson 49 Creating the values of the skull for the belt
  • Lesson 50 Creating the values for the horns
  • Lesson 51 Creating the values for the belt
  • Lesson 52 Finishing up the belt
  • Lesson 53 Laying down the values for the hip guards
  • Lesson 54 Creating the texture for the gloves
  • Lesson 55 Painting the cloth elements of the belt
  • Lesson 56 Blocking in color for the armor
  • Lesson 57 Finalizing the color of the armor
  • Lesson 58 Sketching the straps for our armor
  • Lesson 59 Texturing the straps
  • Lesson 60 Creating buckles for the straps
  • Lesson 61 Creating the texture for the axe head
  • Lesson 62 Creating the texture for the axe handle

Watch the Introduction Video :


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