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Society of Visual Storytelling – 9 Tutorial Collection

Society of Visual Storytelling – 9 Tutorial Collection

Society of Visual Storytelling

This collection includes 9 tutorials :

1 – Design and Color Hair

You’ll learn:

  • to Avoid pitfalls of painting and drawing hair
  • to SIMPLY break hair down in design and color
  • three analyzation studies on different short hair types
  • master case study: Harry Anderson, Brief Art History
  • brush techniques/tools to create hair
  • stylized portrait demonstration with commentary
  • ideas and suggestion list to improve/practice

2 – Digital Painting with Denis Zilber

Specifically for artists who are working digitally. This is a demonstration by master painter Denis Zilber. It’s a detailed look into the methods and techniques he uses in Photoshop. Denis reveals his entire process from start to finish -from sketch to final rendering. If you’ve ever wondered how Denis works your search is over because he leaves no stone unturned. We suggest taking notes as you watch this video because there is so much to take in. Some artists also keep detailed descriptions of specific videos in this series so they can refer back to sections of enlightenment. Denis has perfected his craft and it is truly a treat to watch him unravel the mysteries of his incredible work.

3 – Drawing Animals – Mamals Edition

In this class Jake deconstructs complex animal anatomy and mechanics into basic, understandable components. The lesson is broken down into these sections:

  • The Basic Structure of a Mammal
  • The 4 Main Sections of the Body
  • Drawing Heads
  • Drawing Fore Limbs
  • Drawing Back Limbs
  • Drawing the Body
  • Drawing Predators
  • Drawing Unconventional Shaped Mammals like Kangaroos
  • Drawing Rodents
  • Drawing African Mammals

4 – Drawing Fundamentals

In this tutorial we’ll go back to the first but most important steps to accurately drawing whatever subject you want. These are the foundational tools to all good drawings and are incredibly beneficial to any and all successful artwork. We will start with simple examples and discuss the tools. Then we can work through increasingly complex example subjects to really grasp how shapes and measuring can help you translate what your seeing onto the paper.

Some of what you will learn

  • Simplifying subjects into basic shapes
  • Getting accurate proportions.
  • Working with value.
  • Dealing with complex subjects and perspective.
  • Rendering the figure, a face, and fabric.

5 – Drawing Villains and Monsters

From dark lords to knife-wielding ogres to maniacal jokers and evil alien warriors Jake Parker teaches an in depth course on designing and drawing the “bad guys” for your next big project.

  • the 4 principles of designing evil characters
  • how to apply these principles to a range of evil characters
  • the differentiating visual and physical attributes of evil characters
  • an approach to basic human anatomy
  • how to draw great evil poses
  • how to create a hierarchy of focal points
  • how to design evil clothing and evil accessories

6 – Light and Shadow

How to effectively apply light and shadow to objects is essential knowledge every artist needs to know. In this course Jake Parker demonstrates how to light an object, how shadows work, and how to apply these principles to complex forms.

You will learn:

  • Value
  • Local Value
  • How to apply Light and Shadow to an object
  • Applying light and shadow to different valued objects
  • Applying light and shadow to complex shapes and arrangements
  • How to apply this to your illustration

7 – Painting Fur and Hair

This is a Master Demo specifically for artists who are working digitally. This isn’t just a step by step class that takes you from start to finish, it’s also a detailed glimpse into how exactly Theresa creates her amazing illustrations in Photoshop. Jake Parker and Will Terry interject questions and insights as she works. This demo takes you from the early stages of the painting through the middle sections and finally the details that really give it a master finish.

8 – Painting with Color and Light

Gain insight from some of the best artists in the industry – Will Terry, Jake Parker and special guest Ty Carter. They will teach you the fundamentals of light and color theory and then show you how to put those skills into practice in your artwork. Throughout 8 classes you will learn how to apply the techniques of the masters in the digital realm.

Being able to draw is only the first step, adding color and light can make your illustrations luminous and dynamic. The instructors will show you how to incorporate many different lighting situations into the foregrounds and backgrounds of your illustrations. Bring your flat illustrations to life through the techniques and skills that professionals use!

9 – Stylizing Portraits

In this video you will learn how to look at photo reference and start drawing it with simple shapes. Mel teaches what he’s looking for in a good photo portrait. He explains that you must look for the big simple shapes first while ignoring the details. Follow Mel as he guides you through his process to create a stylized version of a photo portrait. You can use either traditional or digital tools to take this class.

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