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Project manager v3.10.32 for 3ds Max 2014 to 2021

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Project manager v2.92.09 for 3ds MaxProject manager for 3ds Max


Project manager for 3ds Max : 3DS Max projects tend to utilize many 3D files such as models, images, IES photometrics, and materials. 3D files are used in complex projects for design, gaming, animation, and engineering. It may be difficult to keep up with and manage without plugins, especially if you’re working on multiple projects at a time.

3DS Max Project Manager from KStudio makes keeping track of your projects much easier.
Project Manager makes large, complicated projects much simpler by organizing your files according to projects, objects, sections, and more. The user may define as many categories and folders as they wish.
The drag-and-drop interface featured in Project manager also greatly reduces the time and effort involved in completing projects, allowing for an intuitive and user-friendly way of working, even for inexperienced 3DS Max users.


In Project Manager, models, materials, textures, and other assets are neatly divided into 5 different tabs.
Perhaps the most heavily used tab, the “Models Tab” lets users merge 3D files using a variety of options, as well as replace, export, and render existing models.
Project Manager also features support for Substance textures, as well as interactive rendering previews for IES files and materials. Also plugin is compatible with all 3DS Max image file formats (including PSD, Vrimg, and others), and allows for convenient thumbnail views for image and file libraries.


Among Project Manager’s main features are easy library cataloguing, easy model merging, file data customization and database syncing (which will be useful for teamwork on large-scale animation projects).

Project Manager’s intuitive search feature allows users to locate and import files by name, description, and tags.

Descriptions and tags can be added to MAX, IES, and other image files. Project Manager makes dealing with complex 3DS projects a lot more convenient by reducing virtual clutter and dividing assets, textures, models, and more into categories that specifically make sense to the user.

The various tabs available in Project Manager also feature a “Favorites” folder that you can use to keep your recently used or frequently updated files


With Project Manager, any project assets such as models, materials, textures, and even lights can be stored, categorized, and browsed for easy access on future related projects.

This greatly reduces production times and frustration. With Project Manager, you can easily pick up on your project where you left off.

Many scenes may use common models, materials and textures. For example, video game and animation models frequently re-use the same assets with slight modifications.
Larger scenes are created from multiple instances of common environmental objects such as plants, furniture, and other architectural and environmental elements.

Another common application would be a project that utilizes many human models. Many of these models may be duplicated with different skins to create more characters, or re-sized and mixed with various materials and textures for other body types.

Easy copying, merging, and customization for similar models cuts project production times significantly. Design projects, as well as animation and engineering projects, take significant time to create, render, and test.
Therefore, any plugins that reduce required effort are valuable.


The new update of Project Manager focuses on accelerating the work with Asset Files and optimizations.Now the Asset Files for even complex scenes can be re-link just a few minutes.

For example, the result for one of such scenes – a scene in size of 3 gigabytes which contains tens of thousands objects and more than thousand bitmaps with a resolution up to 12 000 pixels is re-linked in just 142 seconds.


More information is now displayed for some types of proxies. Now you can see the number of Faces, Frames and Bounding box for V-Ray, Fstorm, Mental-Ray and Octane proxies.

Also added a support for proxies in the latest versions of Fstorm and Redshift renderers.

  • Speeds up the relinking of asset files for complex scenes up to 5 times
  • Adds an ability to display more information such as Faces, Frames and Bounding box about proxies ( V-Ray, Fstorm, Mental-Ray and Octane )
  • Adds an ability to save excluded from merging classes to presets
  • Image which show with 3ds Max VFB now display in center of active screen
  • Fixes an issue with converting to Proxy with latests versions of Fstorm
  • Fixes an issue with converting to Proxy with latests versions of Redshift
  • Fixes a minor issues with rendering preview for some 3ds Max files
  • Fixes a minor issue with generating bug-reports
  • Fixes a bug with reordering directories in treeView
  • Fixes a some issues with dragging materials between plugin window and Material Editor


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