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Phlearn – Photography 101

Phlearn – Photography 101Photography 101


Photography 101 is the perfect all-in-one tutorial for anyone who wants to jump into the world of photography. Join our team as we shoot at 20+ locations for a hands-on approach to learning the basics of photography!

Learn the fundamentals of camera-use and optimize lenses, exposure, and focus to capture the beauty of your surroundings.

Our experiential approach combines studio instruction and on-location guidance, helping you fuse theory with real-life practice.

What Makes a Great Photo?

The modern photographer has myriad tools to choose from: new cameras and upgraded accessories are hitting the market every month. But how important are they? Does gear make a photo great? Learn how today’s photographers choose their tools sparingly but wisely to protect their wallet without compromising their work.

A Mirror Between Worlds

While a camera is important when it comes to capturing a photo, it won’t make creative decisions for you. Learn to enhance what is unique about you and the way you see the world.

Business vs. Passion

Ever consider leaving your job and making a career out of photography? Learn best practices and possible pratfalls from professionals who’ve made the transition.

Developing a Style

How do you make your photos stand out from the pack? What are the techniques that will preserve your distinct style while elevating the final product? Learn how to develop your vision and create work that bears your own artistic signature.

How Light is Measured

Understanding light is key to creating authoritative work. Become acquainted with the F-Stop–which is the unit for measuring light–and see how measuring and wielding light can refine the beauty of your images.

Understanding the Histogram

A critical yet often-ignored part of photography, the histogram displays the light and color information in the photo. Master this simple yet essential concept, and say goodbye to over-exposed images!

There is no “Correct Exposure.”

Sometimes it is ok for a picture to be “too bright” or “too dark.” Learn the rules so you can break them. Creativity is rewarded in photography, so push the boundaries of your images!

Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO

Since light varies drastically from one location to the next, adaptability is one of the most important skills of the photographer. Luckily it’s not just guesswork. We’ll teach you how to use shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to get the perfect exposure for any environment.

The Physical Camera

Modern digital cameras are loaded with buttons, dials, knobs and other features. Photography 101 covers the physical camera in depth, revealing helpful tips along the way to give you more power when shooting.

Compare Sensor Sizes

Not all cameras are created equal. Learn the difference between camera types including Film, Smart Phones, Point & Shoots, Entry-level DSLRs, Pro-level DSLRs, Mirrorless, and Medium Format cameras.

Menus, Options & Preferences

There are hundreds of options and preferences in a modern camera. How can you adapt a camera to work best for you? Learn to master every feature a modern camera has to offer.

Image Quality

Download and compare images from a range of cameras from smartphones to medium format digital backs. See for yourself the differences between camera types and how they affect image quality.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is a great place to start. In Auto Mode, the camera chooses the best settings for you, allowing you to focus on the subject. In this tutorial, we explore the pros and cons of shooting in Auto Mode.

Aperture Priority

In Aperture Priority Mode (Av, A), you are responsible for choosing the aperture, and the camera takes care of the rest of the settings to create a proper exposure. Learn when to use Aperture Priority to get the most out of your images.

Shutter Speed Priority

In Shutter Speed Priority (Tv, S), you choose the shutter speed, and the camera selects both ISO and Aperture to create a properly exposed image. We cover a variety of circumstances where Shutter Speed Priority excels.

Manual Mode

In Manual Mode, you are responsible for choosing the proper camera settings to create a good exposure. While this mode requires a bit of knowledge to use correctly, it provides more control over the camera than any other mode.

Explore Focal Lengths

Come along with the Phlearn Team as we explore lenses with a range of focal lengths. Each focal length has different applications, in this tutorial, we cover Macro, Wide, Standard, Telephoto and Super-Telephoto lenses in depth.

Kit vs. Pro Lenses

Will you notice a difference when moving from an economical ‘kit’ lens to a higher priced ‘pro’ lens? Explore the advantages and disadvantages of both and download images photographed with both entry-level and pro-level lenses.

What Lens Should I Use?

In this tutorial, we explore a broad range of lenses and cameras using downloadable images. By examining images shot with focal lengths varying from 16mm-300mm, and apertures from f/1.2-f/22, you’ll be able to see the effect each lens has on its target and learn to choose the right lens for the job.

Buying Advice

Which lenses are necessary, and which are luxury? When is it better to rent than to buy? We’ll show you how to make smart decisions and stay within your budget while getting the most out of the today’s products.

Manual vs. Auto Focus

Most modern lenses offer the choice to shoot in Manual or Automatic Focus. While Auto Focus is more commonly used, Manual Focus boasts unique opportunities to gain more control over your work. We’ll explore which focus mode to use and when it’s best to use them.

Learn Focus Techniques

Focusing on a still subject is relatively straightforward, but what happens when the subject moves? Learn techniques to help you achieve proper focus in a variety of situations including both camera and subject movement.

Depth of Field

Depth of Field effects how much of an image is in focus. Many factors influence DoF, including aperture, focal length, distance, and sensor size. Learn how to utilize Depth of Field to draw more attention to your subject.

Focus Stacking

Certain applications require extending the Depth of Field beyond the physical capabilities of a lens. Learn how to use photography + Photoshop to focus stack images and increase the focus area of a picture.

Smartphone to Medium Format (Photography 101)

It’s a shoot-out! Watch as the iPhone 7 Plus, Hasselblad 500 C/M Film Camera, a Point-and-Shoot Canon G11, an entry-level Canon 6Ti, a Pro-level Canon 5Dmkiii, a Mirrorless Sony A7rii, and a Medium Format Phase One IQ350 compete side-by-side. We’ll keep the setting and natural light consistent from one camera to the next to give you the most accurate look at their capabilities.

Download and Compare Images

There is no such thing as the ‘Best Camera”. Different cameras are great in different situations. This tutorial includes full-resolution RAW images available for download so you can compare each side-by-side.

Camera Breakdown

Our camera analysis goes beyond shooting with each camera type. We also examine each camera in depth and break down different qualities including Low Light Performance, Ease of Use, Cost, Customizability, Interchangeable Lenses, Control over Camera & Image Quality.

Image Quality

At the end of the day, the most important quality of a camera is the image quality. Compare quality between many different formats and manufacturers to help you choose the best camera for you.

Extended Content

Behind every image you see, there’s a batch of rejects. A less-mentioned but equally critical component of photography is being selective of your own work. Get a glimpse into the process of whittling down hundreds of photos into a refined, representative showcase.

Tips & Techniques

Every shoot provides learning opportunities for even the most seasoned photographer. Our photo shoot videos are loaded with pop-up tips and tricks to make your next photoshoot as successful as possible.

Behind the Scenes

Our on-set videos are shot with multiple camera angles so you can see every aspect of a photo production. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at the entire production.

Unscripted & Real

Want to know how a photographer interacts with models and crew during a photo shoot? Watch it happen in real time and enjoy the subtle nuances that are frequently left out of the “Edited Version.”

Watch the Introduction Video : (Photography 101)



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