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Gumroad – QuickCurve for Blender

Gumroad – QuickCurve for BlenderQuickCurve


QuickCurve for Blender enables you to draw with round, box, custom profile or even custom objects right in the 3D view!


  • Blender 2.83, 2.90.1, 2.91,2.93

QuickCurve V2.5 Release Notes:

Bug fixes

  • Circularize
  • Shift X
  • Overlay UI jitter
  • Edit size
  • Copy to modifiers with Convert to Mesh active
  • Zero size brush error
  • – Working off of 0,0,0 in perspective mode is now fixed, simply move your 3D cursor to your new working location

QuickCurve V2 Release Notes:

  • 3D Mouse Support
  • Hotkeys now match Blenders style in that you don’t have to press and hold anymore! IE: Press ‘F’ once and let go to activate brush resizing by moving the mouse, and then you can either press the same hotkey to close it or press LMB
  • When editing any settings holding Shift/Ctrl/Alt will slow it down/speed it up/drastically speed it up respectively. This is very useful if your scene is really big or small and the default speed isn’t enough
  • Convert curve to geometry after drawing with CTRL D menu option
  • Revamped resolution, much better bezier point distribution for easier editing
  • New Depth setting which acts as a scale along the drawing direction. By default, this is linked 1:1 with the Width so the larger your brush the deeper into 3D space it goes. However If you change the Depth size it will decouple and now regardless of your size, the depth will be the value you set it to. Press ‘K’ to reset it. Note: Does not work when drawing on surface
  • Isolate and Hide support
  • Instanced/multi user geometry support
  • Fixed depth sample and depth editing
  • Improved Collection management
  • Option to add a point on final NGON confirmation
  • Cavity/Shadow bug fixes
  • Revamped Mirror and Array system, more intuitive and simple
  • Unified N Panel with all QuickTools
  • Bug Fixes and improved Alt Nav support
  • Draw in Sculpt mode!
  • Voxel Remesh every curve automatically with resolution setting in Ctrl D menu in either Sculpt and Object mode
  • Merge To Active set to ‘ON’ when drawing in sculpt mode will remesh AFTER the shape is joined together, thus creating one solid mesh. Merge To Active ‘OFF’ will keep each mesh separate, thus creating an automatic face set. Both methods can be super useful depending on the task!
  • Alt + F to change the depth of shape after it’s been drawn
  • Option added to type in Depth in Ctrl D menu
  • Option added to change Direction in Ctrl D menu
  • Improvements to Rotate/Move/Scale system when editing shapes
  • Resets shading mode back to whatever you had when exiting the addon
  • Hide instance plane when arraying an object
  • Fix random size not resetting bug
  • Fix cavity/shadow bug

QuickCurve V1 Release notes:

  • New Snapping system that works in combination with QuickDeform
  • Select a smoothing amount and a snapping angle and draw perfectly straight lines, even in perspective!
  • Hold SHIFT to temporarily draw freehand

Line Mode/Freehand drawing mode

Draw curves along an objects surface, along the normal, or on the workplane

Supports curve on curve drawing!

Comes with an Eraser :)

Customizable settings per curve before OR after drawing!

  • Taper
  • Random noise
  • Random size
  • Twist
  • Add noise
  • Change size
  • And much more

Draw with Pressure sensitivity

Custom Profile/OBJ Drawing

  • If you have a single face or a curve, it will use that as the profile
  • If you have a 3D mesh, it will use that to draw array copies along the curve
  • To ensure proper orientation, make sure your mesh has transformations applied and is laying “Z up” and facing “Negative Y” for the forward direction
  • Mirror/Array/Revolve 3D Cursor System V2
  • When you select one of the axes in the CTRL D menu and draw, every modifier and empty will be created and linked for you
  • With Modifiers From Active (enabled by default) on, you will draw with the Mirror/Array/Revolve settings from your selected object
  • As soon as you draw a shape, the checkboxes will TURN OFF. The power in this method comes from the ability to have multiple setups by reactivating the checkbox and setting a new 3D cursor location and then bounce between them for your new objects by just choosing a different selected object before drawing. Try it out!

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