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Udemy – Godot 4 Shaders: Write 2D shaders for your game from scratch

Udemy - Godot 4 Shaders: Write 2D shaders for your game from scratch

Godot 4 Shaders: Write 2D shaders for your game from scratch


Udemy – Godot 4 Shaders: Write 2D shaders for your game from scratch: Learn to create visual effects (VFX) with 2D shaders via GDShader language of Godot 4. PART 1: Beginner to intermediate

Gain a deep understanding of Godot 4 ‘s shader language, enabling you to leverage its full potential for game development.
Learn the step-by-step process to create canvas_item shaders, laying the foundation for complex visual effects in 2D games.
Learn the skills to design and implement captivating visual effects (VFX) using shaders, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your games.
Become familiar with industry-standard best practices for efficient and effective shader programming within the Godot engine.
Discover how to integrate shaders with game logic using GDScript and GDShader language, allowing for dynamic and interactive game environments.
Through the Zombie project, apply your learning in a practical context, understanding how to use shaders in real game development scenarios.
You’ll have a strong foundation to build upon. Being able to transfer this knowledge to learn 3D shaders or the more general GLSL shader language.
At the end of the course you’ll easily gun down and blow up loads of angry zombies using shaders you created on your own

Welcome to the “Godot 4.x Canvas item Shaders” course on Udemy! This course will guide you through the fascinating world of 2D shaders, where you’ll learn everything from the essentials to advanced techniques.

That being said, the series is split up between a beginner and an intermediate course. You are now looking at the first part of the series. It will take you from a beginner to intermediate in a matters of hours.

What makes this series unique is that it covers everything there is to know about 2D shaders in Godot 4. it’s the most complete 2D shader series to date. It starts by teaching you the syntax and formatting rules following the community standards. Then you learn each concept with theoretical and practical examples, slowly building up from simple shaders to more advanced examples. It’s also packed with “try by yourself” challenges to not just copy and paste the code but really learn how to do it on your own. The goal of this course is to teach you how to create any 2D shader you envision from scratch.

The content of the course is up to date with godot 4.2

In this part of the series we’ll start by exploring canvas item shaders, Godot’s unique shading language, and look into essential data types like floats, integers, arrays, vectors, matrices, etc. You’ll learn concepts like:

Color channels
Texture mapping
Wrapping modes
Built-in functions
UV Coordinate system
Fragment & vertex functions
Render pipeline
And more advanced topics like:

Pre-processing shaders
Debugging-shaders & -techniques
Interaction with GDScript
Animation Graphs (CurveTexture)
Vector operations
Branch divergence
And the list goes on and on. We will explore these topics through a blend of theory and practical coding exercises.

The course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of shader language. It exists out of two project, a project where we mostly focus on the theory and create random shaders that fit the subject, and we’ll have a actual game project, our “Zombie project”, this is where we learn to apply our knowledge to create visual effects (VFX) for your 2D games. We’ll take a detailed look at every built-in shader function that we’ll be using in our code, explaining every single line. Every time a new functionality is introduced, We’ll have a full explanation using coding examples, slides and follow up questions. Plus, it’s important to know that the course follows community best practices.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a solid foundation in shader programming in Godot but also a fun, interactive project to showcase your new skills.

Enroll now to start our journey into the colourful world of shaders!

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