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Full Nuke Compositing Course Mastering To CG Integration

Skillshare - Full Nuke Compositing Course Mastering To CG IntegrationFull Nuke Compositing Course Mastering


Full Nuke Compositing Course Mastering To CG Integration : In this course you are going to learn about AOVS and how to compose them back together. Having said that, this is truly compositing course not limited to Passes or AOVS. Along with in-depth compositing lots of tips tricks techniques has been explained properly. After doing the course you can compose any given shot easily. This course will genuinely add value to your knowledge of compositing. Thanks a lot for showing interest in the course. You can get a glimpse of entire course in this description

Glimpse Of Entire Course : What You All Are About To Learn

AOVS means is arbitrary output variable. This is an advanced technique to break up your render in order to get meticulously control over your passes to control it in post instead of hours of Re-rendering

Relative path is the component of any CG pipeline helps to create seamless referencing process so that any changes happens updates automatically. That is the purpose of using relative path instead of absolute path.

Multiple relative path is very important to re-path your passes at once to save bunch of time so that you can focus on creativity rather than doing manual update repeatedly.

Element cloning is also very important aspects of compositing in nuke because if any pass is used more than one time so when master pass is changed then automatically those cloned passes are going to be updated at that same point of time instead of manual hassle.

Rebuilding beauty is very necessary step for compositing to break them down for better control and to take art directed decision any point of time rather than wasting time in re-rendering the whole thing all over again.

Importance of hold outs are Indispensable and used extensively in compositing. This is one kind of placeholder concept in order to place any element in any point of time without thinking about background foreground so that the process of compositing happens smoothly.

Rebuilding Alpha is a stage of compositing to segregate background and foreground element to get more control over these as to segregate them is a better decision for debugging or use camera effects very comfortably.

Glow is to simulate light is emitting lights to the camera but this glow can be a technique to have fake Global Illumination in your short to make the integration looks seamless even more

Color mapping or tone mapping is going to be the crucial part of any compositing as every shot is going to be color corrected or color graded lastly so you should have that range to color grade our final plate in order to avoid excessive brightness and darkness from the shot so that the grading system works perfectly.

Adding grain is important to get hyper realistic integration but sometime we have to cheat by adding grain in order to get a full CGI short as real camera captured where minimal noise is essential instead of squeaky clean look.

Chromatic Aberration is a natural phenomenon of camera that camera lenses are made of glass and the light bends and disperse and get red yellow blue purple green fringing in the edges and mostly over bright areas in your short but over doing it will break Illusion of realism.

Camera Shake is a part of storytelling feature to get the visual excitement to capture audience attention at that point of time where some heavy staff is interacting with the surface or your focus is to get the feel how heavy the event is.

Depth of Field is also a truly camera feature also leads to storytelling that where you need your audience to focus on or you can shift focus by rack focus feature of film making where in that case we have to have some lens breathing effect to get the illusion perfect so that our viewers should not miss what you want to portray.

Vignette is a phenomenon of photography where it is a very artistic choice or subjective principal also the same point of time to avoid the unnecessary area by making it darker than the focused subject area.

Manual Fixing is also king of everything that even you have everything perfect but still in few frames you will be having some issues to avoid you should have manual approach in order to get that glitch out .

Final Export is a pleasing moment that when everything is done what you have created, all the necessary changes you have done are good to go for the final version of your creativity which is last stage of compositing in order to export your file for editing so that you can put sound to get much more audio visual experience for your audience.

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