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cmivfx – Houdini Fractals

cmivfx - Houdini FractalsHoudini Fractals


Houdini Fractals : This video covers a detailed workflow within VEX nodes to allow the viewer to have a deep understanding on creating professional shots for such natural effects. The educational structure for this video, gears all users up to be able to follow its contents from beginning to end. This in-depth introduction to Fractals will add an essential knowledge to all Houdini artists wanting to move to the next level. The results produced by this video are truly superb, and near impossible to achieve any other way. With this revolutionary blend of artistry and technology, every user can have the ability to understand the roots and principles of constructing solid multi-fractal networks . At this same time, you will learn how to seamlessly create a digital asset to make your fractals accessible on any shot that you are working on. When you’re finished with the video, you will have the opportunity to create very complicated cloud system, in very difficult scenarios like multilayering effects with complex design and anything else you can dream up.

Chapter Descriptions

Introducing Fractal Networks

In this chapter we will navigate through core VEX nodes and network workflows to create basic fractal images and animations, building up a ground knowledge for mastering fractal color extraction and animation. We then set rules for interaction between external images and your fractals.

Procedural Terrains

One of the first areas that fractals were used was on creating digital terrains. In this section, we`ll look from start to finish how to build a node system that provide us the power to create interesting and unique terrains with VEX, how to control them and also how to comprehend the idea behind a multi-fractal terrain.

“For Loop ” VEX Node

One of the greatest nodes in VEX is the “for loop” node, it allows you to repeat the same sequence of code many times. however it has a very specific condition it needs to meet to work properly. Continuing with the effort to evolve the fractal system , we will delve into how to take advantage of the “for loop” to implement richness and a more natural look.  Along side the “for loop”, we will introduce a method to securely change the input parameters of the network.

Multi-Fractal Workflow

Once we understand what is behind a good fractal system, its time to start bringing to life a complete multi-fractal OTL. In this section we`ll cover every information you need to achieve a great , clean and efficient system.

Introducing Volumetric Networks

Working with volumetric nodes in Houdini is a delicate thing. It can be an intensive process if you don’t handle it right. Our goal here is to present the viewer with a unique way to manage the intricate details within the volumetric process. How to properly set your scene to receive volumetric elements, how to render them, shade, understand definitions and set specific rules to achieve a believable result.

Custom Volumetric Displacement

In this chapter we will introduce the epicenter of our product. Combining all the knowledge we acquired until here to build our own custom volumetric displacements. We will use a simple system to create a pyroclastic cloud to understand the technique behind control vectors and how they can help us to properly add displacements.

Object Volumetric Setup

One of the most required option in a good volumetric system is the ability to apply it to any kind of source object. This can be extremely helpful to draw unique designs and to style clouds in any way we desire.  Here we will explain extensively all the necessary steps to accomplish ultimate control on where your volumes will be applied. The only limit is your imagination!

Cloud Systems Workflow

Everything we have learned so far culminates in this outstanding Cloud System workflow. Utilizing our custom multi-fractal OTL and all the knowledge acquired through all the lessons, we will demonstrate how you can create unbelievable natural cloud effect and how to control it in any form your production demands, thus optimizing visibility and rendering to have a great viewport feedback together with great rendering results.

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