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Asset Store – TerraWorld – Automated Level Designer

Asset Store - TerraWorld - Automated Level DesignerTerraWorld


TerraWorld – Automated Level Designer : Tested on all stable Unity versions for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Linux Users: Restart Unity after package importing to finalize installation.

TerraWorld© is a Unity plugin to create close to reality environments using real-world data from ESRI, NASA & OpenStreetMap along with built-in algorithms for procedural generation and placement of 3D assets in scene.

Automatic Level Designer means a world generation pipeline through graph nodes passing data to each other along with embedded AI to automatically generate procedural content and place assets in scene.

SRP (HDRP, URP aka LWRP scriptable render pipelines) support is on the way.

What our clients say:

“Powerful world builder – I have been very impressed with this asset. The ability to crop real world terrains, apply style sets as well as the day-night and weather cycles make it one of my favorites.”

“Highest quality out there – This asset worked for me right out of the box. The support forum is very responsive. Definitely recommended.”

“AWERSOME Asset! Raccomanded! – Awersome Asset! Very Useful, for create any kind of world type, With map read and convert, same as height, make it very strong and perfect asset, for save some time developing worlds, Good Coded, and easy to use! Raccomanded!

Create huge highly detailed and customizable scenes within a few clicks

  • Choose your desired location
  • Choose your target map size (Up to 32*32 Km2)
  • Choose your favorite map style (Based on different environments)
  • Just hit the play button!


Node-based UI shareable between users

Advanced Terrain Shader (TerraFormer) featuring:

  • DX11 Tessellation
  • Height Blending
  • Colormap Blending
  • Procedural Snow
  • Procedural Puddles
  • Stochastic Texturing
  • Full PBR workflow using layer maskmaps

Advanced Object Standard Shader featuring:

  • Procedural Snow
  • Wind Simulation
  • Double Sided Rendering
  • DX11 Tessellation

Biome Templates as pre-made graphs to cover all nature types of Forest, Grassland, Desert & Tundra

High performance vegetation & object rendering using GPU Instancing & compute shaders

Supported platforms ranging from mobiles to high-end devices based on graph pipeline

Operates on top of Unity’s built-in terrain system and is compatible with any derived 3rd party assets

Massive collection of plug & play art content compatible with TerraWorld rendering system

Full control over graph customization to cover any art style such as realistic, phantasy, stylish, lowpoly, voxels… and any game genre like FPS, Strategy, Open-World, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Serious Games…

  • Detailed worlds using real-world elevation, satellite imagery & landcover data
  • Natural Erosion & Terrace filters
  • Outputs slope, flow, aspect & normal masks
  • Advanced splatmapping & texturing
  • Outputs water, trees, grass… regions from online landcover data
  • Day Night cycle with auto dynamic lighting throughout the entire scene
  • Advanced Clouds Rendering with semi-volumetric representation
  • Volumetric Atmospheric Scattering
  • Volumetric Global Fog
  • Volumetric Horizon Fog
  • Global Procedural Snow
  • Wind Simulation
  • Water Shader with auto flowmapping
  • Compatible with Unity’s Post Processing
  • Automatic Lake, River, Ocean & Sea generation
  • TerraMesh: mesh from terrain based on defined slope/height range
  • Automatic Cache system to work in offline and faster iterative world generation
  • No sign-up needed in external websites or sources

Watch the Introduction Video :


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