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Modeling and Rigging a Cartoon Shark in 3ds Max

Modeling and Rigging a Cartoon Shark in 3ds Max

Modeling and Rigging a Cartoon Shark


Modeling and Rigging a Cartoon Shark : During this 3ds Max tutorial we will take a look at modeling and rigging a cartoon shark with principles that can be applied to other marine creatures. This training series looks at the modeling and rigging considerations of a cartoon shark in 3ds Max. We look at creating a basic FK skeleton for our shark model and the skinning consideration we need to think about to create some great deformations. We then expand upon our basic FK rig by using Max’s built-in modifiers to create an automated swim cycle, finally finishing the tutorial with a quick look at a controller system and corrective shapes.

Contents :

  • 1 Introduction and project overview 01:32
  • 2 Reference and Model Sheet 03:39
  • 3 Setting up an image plane 04:45
  • 4 Beginning the box modeling phase 12:19
  • 5 Refining the shark model   10:17
  • 6 Cleaning up the shark model   11:18
  • 7 Additional fixes of the shark model   06:52
  • 8 Finishing up the shark model   02:34
  • 9 Preparing the scene for rigging   02:46
  • 10 Creating and placing the bones   11:42
  • 11 Linking the bones together   03:57
  • 12 Blocking in the skin weights   07:44
  • 13 Skinning the shark   07:58
  • 14 Blending the skin weights   08:18
  • 15 Continuing to blend the skin weights   11:34
  • 16 Finishing the skin weights   09:44
  • 17 Using a Wave Modifier to automate swimming motion   06:06
  • 18 Adding a SplineIK Solver to the bones  04:48
  • 19 Creating a custom IK control to automate swimming motion   11:46
  • 20 Finalizing the shark rig   03:52
  • 21 Bonus: Looking at another shark rig   07:16
  • 22 Bonus: Adding corrective shapes to the shark rig   11:03

Watch the Introduction Video :


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